NAAC Criteria Committees

No. Criteria Name of faculty  Designation
1 Curricular Aspects Prof. Sau. Ohol S.A. Chairman
Dr. Gorde V. S. Member
Prof. Hakim B. A. Member
Prof. Kolhe R.V. Member
Shri Kurhade S. S. Member
2 Teaching-Learning and Evaluation Prof. Gadekar J.H. Chairman
Prof. Borkar K. N. Member
Prof. Smt. Bharati S. S. Member
Dr. Suryawanshi A.D. Member
Prof. Thorat S. S. Member
Prof. Mane Y.S. Member
Shri. Bhujbal Sunil  M. Member
3 Research, Consultancy and Extension Dr. Rahangdale S. S. Chairman
Dr. Ugale A. B. Member
Prof. Shrirame G. K. Member
Prof. Smt. Joshi N. P. Member
Prof. Smt. Kurhade R. A. Member
4 Infrastructure and Learning Resources Prof. Bhujbal R. C. Chairman
Prof. Bhise R.B. Member
Dr. Kshirsagar G.S. Member
Prof. Smt. Borkar L.S. Member
Prof. Sahane R.B. Member

Student Support and Progression

Prof. Rathod S. B. Chairman
Dr. Tagad R.N. Member
Prof. Garad R. S. Member
Prof. Tiwari B. D. Member
Prof. Chaugule S.M. Member
6 Governance, Leadership and Management Prof. Kanawade M. S. Chairman
Prof. Tambe S.T. Member
Prof. Smt. Giri M.S. Member
Prof. Smt. Gholap D.A. Member
Prof. Punde S.V. Member
Shri. Mahajan M. G. Member
7 Innovations and Best Practices Prof. Walunj S. M. Chairman
Prof. Smt. Waghole A. R. Member
Prof.  Thorat S. S Member
Prof. Kapase P.G. Member
Prof. Smt. Punekar S.B. Member
Shri. Salave V. D. Member