NAAC Criterion Committees (2021-22)

Sr. No. Criteria Name of faculty   Sign
1 Curricular Aspects

( 100  Marks)

Prof. Sau. Ohol S.A. Chairman
Dr. Gorde V. S. Co-Chairman
Prof. Hakim B. A. Member
Prof. Miss Shaikh  A. M. Member
Prof. Aher D.  H. Member
Prof. Smt. Gholap D.A. Member
Prof. Smt. Waman A.P. Member
Prof. Smt. Belkar S.H. Member
2 Teaching-Learning and Evaluation

(350  Marks)





Prof. Gadekar J.H. Chairman
Prof. Borkar K. N. Co-Chairman
Prof. Smt. Bharati S. S. Member
Dr. Suryawanshi A.D. Member
Prof. Mane Y. S. Member
Prof.  Walunj S. S. Member
Prof. Smt. Date Varsha Member
Prof. Smt. Jori P.R. Member
Prof. Smt. Waghmare S.S. Member
Prof. Smt. Thorat S.A. Member
Prof. Smt. Padekar S.R. Member
Shri. Bhujbal Sunil  M. Non-teaching Member
Shri Bhujabal Mayur Non-teaching Member  



3 Research, Innovations and Extension

(120  Marks)

Dr. Rahangdale S. S. Chairman
Dr. Ugale A. B. Co-Chairman
Prof. Shrirame G. K. Member
Prof. Smt. Joshi N. P. Member
Prof. Smt. Jadhav P.G. Member
Prof. Smt. Khandagale A. D. Member
Prof. Smt. Joshi H.P. Member
Prof. Smt. Jadhav S.S. Member
4 Infrastructure and Learning Resources

( 100  Marks)

Prof. Bhujbal R. C. Chairman
Dr. Kshirsagar G.S. Co-Chairman
Prof. Bhise R.B. Member
Prof. Smt. Borkar L.S. Member
Prof. Smt. Auti C.Y. Member
Prof. Miss  Tajane M. K. Member
Prof. Miss Kale S.B. Member
           Prof. Smt. Gagre A. S. Member
                Shri Kurhade S. S. Non-teaching Member

Student Support and Progression

( 130  Marks)

Prof. Rathod S. B. Chairman
Dr. Tagad R.N. Co-Chairman
Prof. Garad R. S. Member
Prof. Tiwari B. D. Member
Prof. Jadhav S.K. Member
Prof. Smt. Pawse M.S. Member
Prof. Smt. Bamhane B. B. Member
Prof. Kadam S. A. Member
Prof. Smt. Nikhal  P.V. Member
Shri. Salave V. D. Non-teaching Member  
6 Governance, Leadership and Management

( 100  Marks)

Prof. Kanawade M. S. Chairman
Prof. Tambe S.T. Co-Chairman
Prof. Smt. Giri M.S. Member
Prof. Smt. Sukale A.D. Member
Prof. Smt. Shinde P.B. Member
Prof. Smt. Nighojkar P. K. Member
Prof. Padekar Y.B. Member
7 Institutional Values and Best Practices ( 100  Marks) Prof. Punde S.V. Chairman  
Prof.  Thorat S. S Co-Chairman  
Prof. Smt. Waghole  A. R. Member  
Prof. Smt. Ghadage N.C. Member  
Prof. Smt. Dhobale V.B. Member  
Prof. Smt.  Kale S. S. Member  
Prof. Smt. Jori P.R. Member

Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Dr. S.K. Wadekar Chairman
2 Dr. Jadhav P. G. Coordinator
3 Mr. Kurhade B. L. Member – Management
4 Dr. Gulave A. R. Member – Teacher
5 Prof. Wakchaure S.D. Member – Teacher
6 Dr. Kanawade  M.S. Member – Teacher
7 Prof. Gadekar  J. H. Member – Teacher
8 Mr. Kurhade S.S. Member – Non Teaching
9 Mr. Waghole  Sandip Member – Alumni
10 Miss. Kasar  Shital Member – Students