Department Name – English

Introduction – The department was established in 1993-94.It aims at creating, maintaining and enriching linguistic and literary interest among the students. We also strive to develop among them the linguistic competence. We lead them to better and successful life.

Seats/Intake – Optional and Special Level: maximum 73 students

Eligibility – For optional level: 12th pass

For special level – F.Y.B.A. pass with Optional English Subject.

Admission Procedure – As per the norms and guidelines led down by the government as well as University

Faculties – (all faculty member details of Grant-able as well as C.H.B.)

Name – Borkar Keshav Namdeo
Designation – Asst. Professor
Qualification – MA (English), Ph. D. Appear
Experience – 23 Years


Name – Jadhav Sanjay Kailas
Designation – Asst. Professor
Qualification – MA(English), B. Ed
Experience – 04 years

Name – Tiwari Bhuvanchand D.
Designation – 
Asst. Professor
Qualification – 
MA (English), SET
Experience – 
21 Years

Name – Punekar Sonali Babanrao
Designation – Asst. Professo
Qualification – M.A(English), M, Ed
Experience – 05 years

Open and free access to the students, alumni and parents in the department to contact the staff.


Year Class Percent (%) Ranker
2012-13 F.Y.Opt.Eng       92 Supriya Ashok Salve
Susmita Shivaji Jadhav
Kiran Shankar Bhujbal
S.Y. Spl. English        61 Akshay Shirish Bhor
Kalpana Ganpat Gondhe
Sonali Sakharam Dangat
T.Y. Spl.English       88.5 Sushama K. Hadwale
Jyoti S.Shirtar
Prashant M.Lad


F.Y. Opt.English        94 Rushikesh R. Bhagwat
Monali M. Dalvi
Malihakhanam A. Patel
S.Y.Spl. English       75 Supriya Ashok Salve
Swati Vasant Auti
Kanchan Baban Mhaske
TY Spl. English      94.5 Akshay Shirish Bhor
Sonali Sakharam Dangat
Kalpana Ganpat Gondhe


F.Y. Opt. Eng        72 Rutuja Ravindra Jagtap
Nutan Sadashiv Shelke
Mumtaj Najir Shaikh
S.Y. Spl. English       90 Arti Ramdas Bhandari
Malihakhanam A. Patel
Akeeb Abdul Patel
TY Spl. English       58.5 Supriya Ashok Salve
Swati Vasant Auti
Kanchan Baban Mhaske
2015-16 F.Y. Opt. Eng        75 Bali Bacchav Jedgule
Akshay Pratap Chintamani
Akshay A. Pable
S.Y. Spl English       67.5 Rutuja Ravindra Jagtap
Shrikrishna A. Bagade
Amey Lalitkumar Gore
TY Spl. English        85 Kundan Bhausaheb Saswade
Anita Dnyaneshwar Navale
Malihakhanam A. Patel
2016-17 F.Y. Opt. Eng Phapale Shubhangi Tanaji
Bhambere Jeevan Janardhan
Abhale Shamal Baban
S.Y. Spl English Sharma Sunita Laxman
Chintamani Akshay Pratap
Bangar Ashwini Suresh
TY Spl. English Rutuja Ravindra Jagtap
Shrikrishna A. Bagade
Amey Lalitkumar Gore

Extra-Curricular Activities

  • Poetry Reading Competition
  • Essay Writing Competition
  • Paper Presentation
  • Seminar Presentation
  • Poster Presentation


  • Welcome Function
  • Study Tour to some academic institute, the spot of beauty of Nature or some theater or gallery of Arts

Student Alumni List

  • Ravindra Prabhakar Deokar

    Qualification – B.A., L.L.B.

    Designation – Advocate

    Address – A/p.Wadgaon Alephata,Tal. Junnar,Dist-Pune

    Email –

    Contact No. – 9860346057

  • Mr. Imtiyaj Nabilal Mulani

    Qualification – M.A.B.Ed

    Designation – Head Master of high school

    Address – A/p – Alephata, Tal. – Junner, Dist. – Pune.

    Email –

    Contact No. – 9860393220

  • Asha Sitaram Abhang

    Qualification – M.A.English

    Designation – Police Naik

    Address – Room 240, buld. no-40,Swargate Colony, Swargate, Pune.

    Email –

    Contact No. – 9923189856

  • Ashitosh Gopinath Tingare

    Qualification – M.A.

    Designation – Business

    Address – Ale, Tal-Junnar Dist-Pune

    Email –

    Contact No. – 9657804666

  • Smt. Sharada Govind Rajguru

    Qualification – M.A., B.Ed

    Designation – Asst.Professor

    Address – A/P Rajuri, Tal – Junnar, Dist – Pune

    Email – 

    Contact No. – 9822789745

  • Mr. Amol Gopalrao Dumbare

    Qualification – B.A., MBA

    Designation – Owner of Company

    Address – Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Mandir road, Ale, Tal. – Junner, Dist. – Pune.

    Email – 

    Contact No. – 9860229458

  • Mr. Sambhaji Radhabhau Hadawale

    Qualification – M.A., B. Ed

    Designation – Lecturer

    Address – A/p Rajuri, Tal-Junner, Dist.-Pune.

    Email –

    Contact No. – 758806914

  • Miss. Rajani Vasant Lonkar

    Qualification – B.A. L.l.b (app)

    Designation – Teacher

    Address – C/o Mr.Sameer Pathak, Ale Tal-Junner,DIST- Pune.

    Email – 

    Contact No. – 9975476045

  • Miss. Shital Ashok Kute

    Qualification – M.A.B.Ed

    Designation – Teacher

    Address – Vadgaon (Anand) Tal-Junner,DIST- Pune.

    Email – 

    Contact No. – 9766260391

  • Nutan Shankar Dumbare

    Qualification – B.A.B.Ed

    Designation – Asst.Teacher

    Address – Rajuri, Tal-Junnar, Dist. Pune.

    Email –

    Contact No. – 9819382402

  • Prof. Keshav Namdeo Borkar- 9960442198
  • Prof. Bhuvanchand Damodar Tiwari- 9011464474
  • Prof. Smt. Sonali Babanrao Punekar- 9970902627
  • Prof. Sanjay Kailas Jadhav- 9970922481