Dnyaneshwar Gramonnati Mandal, Ale, Santwadi, Kolwadi, Institute is the premier institute of education in Junnar Tehsil. It’s a well-known institute in rural area which is working for students who have a hunger of education and are ready to do any type of hard work to pursue their dreams.
Hon’ble Babasaheb Jadhav College of Arts, Commerce & Science, Department of Chemistry is one of the most powerful departments of college that had UG & PG programmes.
Post-Graduation programme started in our college from academic year 2019-20

1. One of the prominent Post Graduation programme of Department of chemistry
2. High qualified and dedicated staff including Recognized Ph.D. Research Guide faculty.
3. Well-equipped laboratories
4. Well-furnished and spacious departmental library
5. Parents -Teachers Association
6. Placement of the students through interaction with alumni of chemistry department
7. Mentor-Mentee System for counselling the students
8. Skills Development Programme
9. Counselling of students on CBCS pattern which is helpful to students to enroll in online certificate courses especially on NPTEL Swayam
10. Guidance for slow & advanced learners

Choice Based Credit System 

Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune has implemented a Choice Based Credit System at all PG levels from the academic year 2013 -14.  In addition to this credit system, there are the following compulsory courses for 10 credits prescribed by the university.

M.Sc. Chemistry Human Rights


Introduction to Cyber Security/Information
Semester I 1 Credit 1 Credit 2
Semester II 1 Credit 1 Credit 2
Semester III 1 Credit 2 Credit 3
Semester IV 1 Credit 2 Credit 3
Total Credit 2 4 4 10






33121 CCTP-1 CHP-110 Fundamentals of physical chemistry
33122 CCTP-2 CHI-130 Molecular Symmetry & Chemistry of metals
33123 CCTP-3 CHO- 150 Basic Organic Chemistry
33124C CBOP-1 CHA-190 C: Introduction to Chemical Biology-I
33125A CBOP-1 CHA-190 A: Inorganic chemistry Material Analysis
33126 CCPP-1 CHP-107 Basic Practical Chemistry I
33191 Human Rights I
33192 Introduction to Cyber Security I




33221 CCTP-4 CHP-210 Molecular Spectroscopy & Nuclear Chemistry
33222 CCTP-5 CHI-230 Coordination & Bioinorganic Chemistry
33223 CCTP-6 CHO-250 Photochemistry, Pericyclic & Organic Spectroscopy
33224C CBOP-2 CHG-290 C: Introduction to Chemical Biology-II
33225A CBOP-2 CHG-290 A: Electroanalytical Techniques of Analysis
33226 CCPP-2 CHP-227 Basic Practical Chemistry-II
33291 Human Rights-II
33292 Introduction to Cyber Security-II





33321 CCTP-7 CHO350 Organic Reaction Mechanism & Biogenesis
33322 CCTP-8 CHO-351 Structure determination of organic compounds by spectroscopy
33323 CCTP-9 CHO-352 Stereochemistry & Asymmetric Synthesis of organic compounds
33324A CBOP-3 CHO-353 A) Protection, Deprotection, Chiron approach & Carbohydrates
33325 CCPP-3 CHO-354 Practical-I Solvent Free Organic Synthesis
33392 Introduction to Cyber Security-III
33394 Skill Development-I
33395 Introduction to Constitution




33421 CCTP-10 CHO-450 Chemistry of Natural Products
33422 CCTP-11 CHO-451 Organometallic Reagents in Organic Synthesis
33423A CBOP-4 CHO-452 A) Medicinal Chemistry
33424A CBOP-5 CHO-453 A) Ternary Mixture Separation
33424B CBOP-5 CHO-453 B) Carbohydrates Synthesis & Isolation of Natural Products
33425 CCPP-4 CHO-454 Practical-II Convergent & Divergent Synthesis
33492 Introduction to Cyber Security-IV
33494 Skill Development-II
  • Departmental monthly meetings to evaluate the progress of students
  • Parents-Students Teacher Meet
  • Interaction of PG students with prominent alumni of the department of chemistry who are working in renowned multinational companies in India as well as abroad.
  • Counseling session
  • Discussion with Mentors for the follow-up of students.
  • Soft Skill training for their personality development
  • Skill Development Hands-on training
  • Allotment of project based on research to interested students
  • Conductance of Assignments, Tutorials, Seminars of students etc for their curriculum development
  • Welcome & Fare well functions for the entertainment & recreation of the students
  • Milind Auti- Principal Scientist, Clinical Research & Pharmacokinetics, Glenmark Generics, Navi Mumbai.
  • Rupali Deokar Shinde-Post Doctoral Fellowship in USA
  • Dinesh Deokar-Innovative Strategy and Portfolio Development Manager, Hi-Qual pharma Tech Ltd, Shanghai, China.
  • Dr Yogesh Wagh-Manager -R & D (Process Development), Hindustan Polyamides and Fibres Ltd, Mumbai, India.
  • Nilesh Paymode, Senior Research Associate, Medicinal Chemistry Dept, Sai Adventium, Hyderabad.
  • Suresh Doke- Senior Manager in Solid State Chemistry, Dept of Hikal Ltd, Pune.
  • Dr Deepak Panmand-D., (Medicinal Chemistry) Dept of Chemistry, University of Camerino, Italy, Post-Doctoral Fellowship in FloridPostdoctoral Research Associate in Florida.
  • (Mrs.) Archana Paymode-Ph.D. in ICT, Mumbai, Postdoctoral Research Associate atNCL, Pune now at Richmond,VA, USA.
  • Rahul Yewale, Ph. D Research Scholar, University of Turku, Finland
  • Anil Shelke, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Rutgers University, Newark.
  • Yogesh Shelke-Postdoctoral Research Associate, the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, Urbana.
  • Dinesh Paymode-Postdoctoral Research Associate at Medicines for all Institutes, Richmond,VA,USA.