• Department Name – Physics
  • Brief History – Physics Department was started its activity in 1994. Since from 1996 Headed by Prof. Dr. Bhise R. B., today the department is actively involved in high quality graduate program.The department has flexibility in restructuring courses as per university rules. Department has conduct various tests, quizzes, seminars, workshops, conferences, study tours, group discussions, poster competitions, project competitions and examinations on the subject. It has been recognized that teaching in this department is among the best in the rural and hilly areas.The faculty members also active participated in extension programs, in reaching out to students and the general public, through popular projects in the local area.Every year a large number of other faculty members and students will get benefit from this Department.
  • Mission – Use the knowledge of Physics in practical field for the society farmers and small entrepreneurs around the college and creating awareness about self employment among unemployed youths of villages.
  • Objective – To provides biophysics information to students in rural area. It is our sincere endeavor to impart professional knowledge and skills to our students in order to provide them greater insight, understanding and sound academic base to develop career in physics.
  • Policy –
    • To generate and develop scientific view in the mind of student in rural area.
    • To guide the student to undertake research project in rural area.
  • Seats/Intake – Maximum 132 students.
  • Eligibility – 12th Pass (Science)
  • Admission Procedure – As per the norms and guidelines led down by the government as well as University
  • Teaching Staff Information –

Name – Dr. Bhise Ramesh Baburao
Designation –
Head, Assistant Professor
Qualification –
M.Sc., M.Phil, DCM, DIT, Ph.D.
Experience –
24 Years


Name – Dr. Suryavanshi Ajit Dnyandev
Designation –
Assistant Professor
Qualification –
M.Sc., M.Phil., B.Ed., Ph.D.
Experience –
12 Years


Name – Smt. P. R. Jori
Designation – Asstt. Professor (CHB)
Qualification – M.Sc. BEd.
Experience – 2 Years

Name – Ms. B. P. Dumbare
Designation – Asstt. Professor(CHB)
Qualification –
M.Sc. B.Ed.
Experience –
2 Years


Name – Smt. M. S. Pawase
Designation – Asstt. Professor(CHB)
Qualification –
Experience –
1 Years


Name – Mr. Kurhade Vilas Baban
Designation –
Lab Attendant
Qualification –
Experience –
25 Years


Appearing for the first year B.Sc., Candidates pass the H.S.C.(10+2) (Science) degree in any of the university across the country.


A few scholarships, each with limited amount, are available on the yearly basis and through selection process awarded to the deserving students.

Different Government & University Scholarship are available for poor as well as B.C. students.

Computer laboratory & internet

  • Lab1 – Sophisticated computer laboratories are well equipped with over 6 terminals with printer. Wi-Fi/ Broadband internet facility is available to students.
  • Lab2 – Scientific practical Instruments are available.
  • Lab3 – Separate Dark Room is available.
  • Lab4 – Separate Project cum Research Room is available.


The library is well established with an extensive collection of references text books, periodicals, journals & newspapers. It has also a collection of video cassettes & CDs on a variety of subjects.


Journal facility is provided to the Physics students. So they can read every monthly publish Journals so that they come closer to the world and improve their knowledge.

No. of journals subscribed according to the course wise subject for students.

Course Title
Physics 1) Current Science
2) Bio Science
3) Competitive Success
4) Computer Today
5) Electronics for you
6) Material Science

Reading Halls

Separate Central reading hall for the girls & boys with all essential amenities are available in central Library.


An independent gymnasium and facilities for in-door & out-door games are available.

Seminar/Auditorium hall

A well equipped seminar hall with LCD, TV & OHP is available for conducting workshops, seminars, guest lectures etc.

Remedial coaching class

College has organized remedial coaching classes for the students who have poor performance in the subject.
  • In order to pass inThe Semester examination –  The students have to obtain 20 marks out of 50 (minimum 16 marks must be obtained in University Examination out of 40 and at least 4 marks in internal exam out of 10).
  • The Annual examination – The students have to obtain 40 marks out of 100 (minimum 32 marks must be obtained in University Examination out of 80 and at least 8 marks in internal exam out of 20).
  • The class will be awarded on the basis of aggregate marks obtained by the candidate in the examinations.

The award of class will be as follows

Agree gate Percentage of marks Class
1) Agree gate 70% & above First class with Distinction
2) Agree gate 60% & above but less than 70% First class
3) Agree gate 55% & above but less than 60% Higher Second class
4) Agree gate 50% & above but less than 55% Second class
5) Agree gate 40% & above but less than 50% Pass class
6)Below 40% Fail


2011-12 80% 100% 100%
2012-13 85% 100% 100%
2013-14 84% 100% 100%


2014-15 85% 94% 96%
2015-16 80% 92% 95%
2016-17 82% 95% 95%
2017-18 85% 100% 90%
2018-19 78% 90% 100%


Sr. No Academic Year Name of the Student Percentage
1 2014-15 Sahane Prafulla Laxman 95.0%
2 2015-16 Ms. Chavan  Samiksha Vishwas 85.0%
3 2016-17 Pachpute  Rushikesh Bhaskar 82.0%
4 2017-18 Ms. Date Priyanka Shantaram 95.0%
5 2018-19 Ms. Gunjal Kalyani Anil 87.0%

Extra Curricular Activities

Sr.No Date/


Name of Initiative purpose Issue addressing Title No of participating staff No of participating students
1 4th Jan.2019 To know the work done by various physics Scientists Poster Competition 05 140
2 3rd Jan.2019 For getting the innovative ideas in Physics Project competition 05 07
3 5th Jan.2019 To develop the basic knowledge in physics Quiz Competition 05 15
4 2nd Jan.


To improve teaching skills Seminar


05 27
5 28th Feb.2019 To know the innovative ideas, recent techniques/expt. in Physics,



Study Tour

GMRT Khodat

On Science day

05 191
6 5th Jan.


To improve subject knowledge Group Discussion 05 26

Extra-Curricular Activities

Year 2017-18

Our Physics department has arranged various departmental activities for year 2017-18 with Hon. Principal’s permission. Mostly Physics students were actively participated in all activities.
a) Physics Seminar Competition – Total 30 Students were participated in the seminar competition.

Time: 10 am on date 29 Jan 2018.


Ms. Vishwasrao Pooja Milind – T.Y.B.Sc.

Ms. Kadam Sharayu Shivaji – S.Y.B.Sc.

Ms. Korde Madhuri Baban – S.Y.B.Sc.

b) Physics Poster Competition – Total 22 posters are presented in the competition.

Time: 10 am on date 3 Feb 2018.


Ms. Shinde Sarika Santosh – S.Y.B.Sc.

Ms. Phapale Pratiksha Dattatray – S.Y.B.Sc.

Mr. Rathod Vikram Dattatray – S.Y.B.Sc.

Ms. Aher Pooja Balasaaheb – S.Y.B.Sc.

c) Physics Group discussion – Total 29 Students were participated in this competition.

Time:  9 am on date 30 Jan 2018.

Winner Group:

Mr. Divekar Swapnil Vilas – T.Y.B.Sc.

Ms. Vishwasrao Pooja Milind – T.Y.B.Sc.

Ms. Date Priyanka Shantaram        – T.Y.B.Sc.

d) Physics Project Competition – Total 20 Students were participated in this competition.

Time:  11 am on date 29 Jan 2018.


Ms. Date Priyanka Shantaram –   T.Y.B.Sc.

Ms. Shingote Kishori Rajaram     –   T.Y.B.Sc.

Ms. Vishwasrao Pooja Milind –   T.Y.B.Sc.

e) Physics Quiz Competition – Total 24 Students were participated in this competition.

Time:  1 pm on date 1 Feb 2018.


Mr. Vishwasrao Ghanshyam Haridas – T.Y.B.Sc.

Mr. Gunjal Akash Baburao – T.Y.B.Sc.

f) National Quiz Competition – Total 6 Physics Students were selected in national quiz competition arranged by NCRT/GMRT, Khodad (Pune) and win first prize

Time:  11 am on date 28 Feb 2017.


Mr. Padekar Sanil Yashwant – S.Y.B.Sc (TYBSc)

Ms. Kurhade Bhagyashree Anil – S.Y.B.Sc

Mr. Patel Jafar Mohamad – T.Y.B.Sc.

g) National Project Competition – All T.Y.B.Sc. (Physics) Students will be actively participated in project competition organized by NCRT/GMRT, Khodad (Pune) on date 28 Feb and 1-Mar 2018.

h) Study Tour – Our Physics Department were arranged study tour for all S.Y./T.Y. B.Sc. (Physics) at Mahabaleshwar via Pali on date 23 Jan 2018. Also department will be arranged study tour for all F.Y./S.Y./T.Y. B.Sc. (Physics) at NCRT/GMRT, Khodad (Pune) on date 28 Feb and 1-Mar 2017 to observe and study various projects and demos regarding science. Also
All above activities were arranged by physics department to improve the abilities and skills of students. Every students and staffs were actively participated in this activity. Department are thankful to Hon. Dr. Subhash Wadekar Principal, all teachers and non-teaching staff for their co-operation.


  • Seminar Competition
  • Poster Competition
  • Group discussion
  • Project Competition

Student Alumni List

Sr. No. 2015-16
1 Mr. Landge M. P.
2 Mr. Mule N. B.
3 Mr. Shelar P. R.
4 Mr. Shirole S. B.
5 Mr. Tupe G. H.
6 Mr. Wavhal A. P.
7 Mr. Yewale N. S.
8 Ms. Abhang S. B.
9 Ms. Auti P. A.
10 Ms. Chavan S. V.
11 Ms. Gandal S. D.
12 Ms. Jarare R. K.
13 Ms. Kambale M. M.
14 Ms. Kasal A. N.
15 Ms. Kharade V. K.
16 Ms. Kurhade T. S.
17 Ms. Patake P. M.
18 Ms. Shaikh N. A.
19 Ms. Yadav P. K.
Sr No. Name of students
1 Mr. Chaudhari Mahesh Savaleram
2 Mr. Dighe Sandesh Sambhaji
3 Mr. Gadge Rushikesh Suresh
4 Ms. Gunjal Kalyani Anil
5 Mr. Sharma Satyanarayan Bhagwan
6 Mr. Pathan Asif Taj Khan
7 Mr. Walunj Tushar Dasharath