Balasaheb Jadhav College has proactively working women’s cell. The motto of Women Cell is to develop women’s skills and qualities for best personality. We are arranging many programs every year for women’s cell.

We have conducted many programs in the academic year 2017-18. A meeting was held with the principal in whom we inaugurated the forum and formed various committees. On 23rd Sept. 2017 Women Cell was inaugurated. On same day we arranged a motivational and women’s emancipation video show for our students by co-ordination with Vishakha Samiti.  Also we organized group discussions with students on same day. A lecture was also organized on ‘Sexual harassment’ by Prof. Mrs. Nilima Patil.

We have also organized various competitions for the students of Women Cell. Those were essay competitions, mehandi competitions, cooking competitions and salad decoration competitions. Students took spontaneous participation in all this competition. Apart from this, on the occasion of International Women’s Day On March 8, 2018, all the women professors of the college,  Anganwadi workers and newly elected women were felicitated by Women Cell. Awareness of the voting rights has been context on the same day. This initiative will certainly create leadership, confidence and self-reliance in the student’s leadership.

Students got guidance from Dnyaneshwar Grameenmani Mandal Chairman, Vice President, Honorable Secretary, Treasurer, All Directors, Dr. Subhash Wadekar (Principal), Prof. Sanjay Wakchoure (Vice Principal). Women Cell got the guidance of all the college professors and non-teaching staff.



Strength: In overall college students strength number of girls students is more than boys’ students. College girls are very much sincere, hardworking, enthusiastic participating in various activities of the college conducted by various departments such as NCC, NSS, Students Development board, etc.

Sufficient and well-qualified female staff is available which is always interacting with girls’ students in the role of mother teacher.

The lectures are organized for girls’ students on various topics such as health, academic, gender sensitization, discrimination as a girl student and etc.

Weakness: Lack of family support which results in the early marriage of a girl’s student.

Drop out of girls’ students after UG level. It’s found that they are not pursuing their higher studies.

Opportunities: To provide Girl’s students safe and supportive environment for their further higher studies.

Continue & Consistent counseling by interacting with them.


Planning to develop Women Study Centre in collaboration with SPPU funding by UGC.

Trying to develop Gender Equality and placement center only for girls.

Women Cell ( 2017 upto till now )

Sr No Name of Faculty Designation
1 Dr Sushama Kadam Chairperson
2 Dr Aruna Waghole Ex chairperson & member
3 Mrs.Lahanubai Borkar Member
4 Smt.Sangita Bharati Ex chairperson & member
5 Dr Savita Rahangdale President of Vishaka Mahila Takrar Nivaran Samiti of DGM Institute, Ex chairperson & member
6 Smt. Manisha Giri Member
7 Smt.  Nutan Joshi Member