The department of physical education started with the intention of providing guidance and infrastructure for college students. “Health is wealth “ is the motto of Gymkhana department. The department believes that a sound mind resides in sound body.

That is why; the department is striving for the students to keep their body and mind healthy. So, the students in rural background should get sports  facility hence Dnyaneshwar Gramonnati Mandal’s Hon. B. J. Arts ,Com. & Science College, Ale and Gymkhana Department in the year 1993-94.

Gymakhana Committee

Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Prin. Wakchaure S.D. President
2 Prof. Garad R.S. Director of Physical Education
3 Prof. Shrirame G.K. Member
4 Prof. Bharati S.S. Member
5 Prof. Tambe S.T. Member


Prof. Captain Garad RS

Education – B. A., B. Ped., M. Ped., M. Phil.

Designation – Director of physical Education

Experience – 21 years

Email –



  • Department Name – N.C.C. (2 Girls Pune)
  • Introduced in – Since 2006 but Officially started from 2010
  • Classes – Applicable to all faculties B.A /B.Com /B.Sc /B.C.A /B.C.S First Year
  • Seats intake – 50 Cadets
  • Eligibility –
    1. First Year Admitted Student from any Faculty
    2. For SW age above 18 Years
    3. Physically Fit.
    4. For 3 years
  • Admission Procedure –
    1. Fill up The application form for enrollment in NCC
    2. Certificate required for Age proof (L.C/ matriculation certificate)
    3. Form should dully sign by ANO and Principal of the Institute.


  • Kadam Sushma Sukhdev

    Education – M.Sc., B.Ed

    Designation – Asst.Professor (Chemistry) Liteautant-Lt.

    Experience – 16 years in sub-Chem and 10 years in NCC

    Email –


Faculties / Service offered

Results 3 to 5 Years

From 2006 100% for B & C certificate Examination
  • Introduce in – NSS is a social awareness scheme. Mainly best to create
    social among students and young generation. Due to the climatic change many ariys water scarecity. Our students working for society and sent the messege, “Water Water every where but you should share it”.
  • Classes – F.Y. /.S.Y. /.T.Y., B.A., B.Com., B.Sc. students are admitted
  • Seats/Intake – 250 seats
  • Eligibility – any B.A., B.Com., B.Sc. students are eligible
  • Admission Procedure – UG Students are take admission


  • Dr. Ugale A. B.

    Education – M.A., M.Phil., SET, NET, Ph.D.

    Designation – Associate. Prof. and Program Officer

    Experience – 17 years

    Email –

    Contact No. – 9890604509

  • Dr. Tagad R. N.

    Education – M.Sc., Ph.D.

    Designation – Asst. Prof.

    Experience – 20 years

    Email –

    Contact No. – 9970346172

  • Prof. Smt. Giri M. S.

    Education – M.Com., NET, M.Phil.

    Designation – Asst. Prof

    Experience – 3 years

    Email –

    Contact No. – 7758074444


NSS, Store Room


  • Sramdan
  • NSS Cam
  • Blood Donation Camp
  • Gram swachata rally
  • Tree Plantation
  • Group Disscution

NAAC Criteria Committees

Sr. No. Criteria Name of faculty  Degignation
1 Curricular Aspects Prof. Sau. Ohol S.A. Chairman
Dr. Gorde V. S. Member
Prof. Hakim B. A. Member
Prof. Kolhe R.V. Member
Shri Kurhade S. S. Member
2 Teaching-Learning and Evaluation Prof. Gadekar J.H. Chairman
Prof. Borkar K. N. Member
Prof. Smt. Bharati S. S. Member
Dr. Suryawanshi A.D. Member
Prof. Thorat S. S. Member
Prof. Mane Y.S. Member
Shri. Bhujbal Sunil  M. Member
3 Research, Consultancy and Extension Dr. Rahangdale S. S. Chairman
Dr. Ugale A. B. Member
Prof. Shrirame G. K. Member
Prof. Smt. Joshi N. P. Member
Prof. Smt. Kurhade R. A. Member
4 Infrastructure and Learning Resources Prof. Bhujbal R. C. Chairman
Prof. Bhise R.B. Member
Dr. Kshirsagar G.S. Member
Prof. Smt. Borkar L.S. Member
Prof. Sahane R.B. Member

Student Support and Progression

Prof. Rathod S. B. Chairman
Dr. Tagad R.N. Member
Prof. Garad R. S. Member
Prof. Tiwari B. D. Member
Prof. Chaugule S.M. Member
6 Governance, Leadership and Management Prof. Kanawade M. S. Chairman
Prof. Tambe S.T. Member
Prof. Smt. Giri M.S. Member
Prof. Smt. Gholap D.A. Member
Prof. Punde S.V. Member
Shri. Mahajan M. G. Member
7 Innovations and Best Practices Prof. Walunj S. M. Chairman
Prof. Smt. Waghole A. R. Member
Prof.  Thorat S. S Member
Prof. Kapase P.G. Member
Prof. Smt. Punekar S.B. Member
Shri. Salave V. D. Member

The composition of the Alumni Association
The College has an alumni association, its registration is in process, however it performs major role in institutional, academic development.


Sr. No. Name Designation
1. a President
2. b Vice-President
3. Secretary
4. Treasurer
5. Member

Department wise Alumni List

  • First year exam form
  • leave application
  • A. D.A. form
  • voucher